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Spoticon - Concert for Spotify (Nov 2016)

Find nearby concerts of all your favorite artists. Never miss another one !!! 
This app consolidates all of your favorite Spotify artists i.e. artists you are following, your top artists and artists from all of your playlists and then searches for their concerts near you. 

Powered by Spotify and Songkick. 

Last updated : November 23, 2016


Supreeth Resume (NOV 2012)

Being an Android developer and enthusiast, what better way to show my love for Android :) It has been subjected to quite a bit of design iterations to come out with a good user friendly, yet pleasing design. Please feel free to explore every section of this app, which should help you paint a picture of both my professional life and a brief insight into my personality as well. 

Last updated : November 19, 2012


MyPlaces (OCT 2009)

  • Are you in a new city?

  • Don't know directions to nearby places?

  • Is there no one around to ask for directions?

  • Need to share location details with your family & friends?

If you said 'YES' to any of the above then MyPlaces is the solution for you. It is your own personal favourite locations directory with Point-to-Point navigation to each of those locations. A great assistant while you are navigating on foot.

Last updated : October 2, 2009


Personal Ledger (FEB 2009)

This is an application to track your everyday monetary transactions.

Last updated : February 11, 2009